Applications for benefits may now be entered online! All actions on the website require a login. Our electronic system can be utilized by all injured parties, their represenatives, attorneys and/or medical providers.

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Please note, online submission may be processed more expeditiously than those received via regular mail.

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How Claims are Handled

Each claim submitted to the MACP is reviewed to make sure it meets basic eligibility requirements. Potentially eligible claims are assigned to a servicing insurer who will complete the investigation.

If the victim is eligible for benefits, the assigned servicing insurer processes the claim on behalf of the MACP.

Please be advised that the owner of the uninsured vehicle involved in the accident, even if it is the injured person’s spouse or family member, must reimburse the MACP for all costs paid on the claim, which was caused by his or her failure to purchase auto insurance. Failure by the uninsured owner to reimburse the MACP for all expenses paid may result in suspension of their driver’s license and/or their vehicle registration.

How to File a Claim

Fraud Warning - A person who presents or causes to be presented an oral or written statement, including computer-generated information, as part of or in support of a claim to the Michigan automobile insurance placement facility, or to an insurer to which the claim is assigned under the assigned claims plan, for payment or another benefit knowing that the statement contains false information concerning a fact or thing material to the claim commits a fraudulent insurance act under section 4503 that is subject to the penalties imposed under section 4511. A claim that contains or is supported by a fraudulent insurance act as described in this subsection is ineligible for payment of personal protection insurance benefits under the assigned claims plan.

  1. Complete the application online by Clicking Here.  
  2. Once you complete the online application, Print and sign the application.  Note: In order to determine eligibility, we must have a complete and signed application. Incomplete applications will be returned for completion and the claim will not be processed until a complete application is received.
  3. Upload the complete and signed application with copies of the proof of loss. An example of proof of loss may be but is not limited to a police report or an EMS report. Applications submitted without proper proof of loss documentation will not be processed.

NOTE: The application must be completed, signed and received no later than one (1) year from the date of accident. Incomplete or illegible applications will be returned and the claim will not be processed.

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